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Our company was established in New York City in 1998. Ever since then, we have committed to bridging our customers to related manufacturers in Asia.

As a "branch" of one of the most quality hairpiece/toupee manufacturing companies (over 30 years of hair system manufacturing experience), we offer you the same quality custom-made hairpiece/toupee where else you would have had to pay much much more.

All our custom hairpieces/toupees (up to 6" hair length and 7.5"x9.5" size) sell for $279 (lace extra $20). They are 100% hand-tied and in 100% high quality human-hair. They are made just for you, 100% customized to your specification. The reason we can offer you this 100% value is simple, we skipped several levels of middlemen and our operating cost is under 100% control.

To make a custom unit, we will need your size, hair sample and a filled in order form at http://www.custom-toupee.com/orderpayment.html.

If you have any difficulty to fill in order form, you can just mail/email us a picture and we'll do that for you.

Hair sample will be needed for color and texture matching. As to the size, you can mail us your old unit, make a template or just tell us the width(side to side) and length(front to back) of the area you plan to cover.

We can also duplicate your old unit.

If you are not sure about our products, you can start with our repairing service. Send us your used hairpiece, let us repair it for you. You will be amazed by what you are going to receive: a unit looks like new, and this will only cost you $179 (6" hair), as long as the base is in good shape.

Call 1-718-777-0006 Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm (eastern time) Address: AH Group, Inc., 3357 13th Street, Astoria, NY 11106 Email: lu@custom-toupee.com

For your attention: we reply to every inquiry email. If you do not receive our reply, it could be only because (1)you do not key in your email address correctly; (2)our email replies are blocked/junked.

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