Shipping cost,  Q & A

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Address: AH Group, Inc.,  
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Shipping & handling cost

We use Post Office. All orders can be tracked after they are shipped. Timing can be found at

For international customers who choose the shipping way without insurance, we will not be responsible for your loss, but to give you 30% discount for another new order.

Domestic (within America)

$14  Regular or Priority Mail ($19 for 3 or more hairpieces), with Insurance.


$21 First Class Mail without insurance (insurance not available)

$35 Priority Mail with insurance 

$54 Priority Mail Express with insurance 

Other countries

$25 First Class Mail without insurance (insurance not available)

$47 Priority Mail with insurance

$77 Priority Mail Express with insurance 

Q & A
Q: Can you tell me how you handle my order and how long will I receive it?

A: After we receive your order, we will send you an email confirmation. At that time you know  your order is being processed. You will also be notified by email when your order is shipped out.

The shipping package will be plain brown/white box with the only marking that it's from AH Group, Inc.. 

All the following time frame begins from your order and payment are received, ends in your order is mailed out:

For repairing, 6-8 weeks.  For new unit, if you know your color number and size, this will save the time sending out hair sample and template to our manufacturer, so the time is 5-7 weeks.  Otherwise 6-8 weeks.

For order with all specs already on factory's file or can be finalized over the phone/email, our express service will guarantee your new unit shipped out within 4 weeks at the cost of $50 per unit. If we need to mail new hair sample, template or other info to factory, please add an extra week.   

Since our factory will be closed 7-20 days during October and Lunar New Year, orders fall in this period will be delayed accordingly.

Q: What guarantee will I get?

A: We guarantee the quality of our unit meets or exceeds that of our competitors'. We guarantee our unit is made to your exact specification (except curl/wave). If you order heavy hair density, we will not guarantee that. Therefore if you feel your hair density is not heavy enough, request for more hair adding will usually be declined or incur surcharge. 

Q: If I change my mind, can I return my order and get refund?

A: Since your order is 100% customized, it is not returnable and it is not refundable. If a manufacturer defect is found, we will replace the item at no cost. The returning unit must be received within 2 weeks after our delivery and in its original condition. If problem arises after 2 weeks or the unit has been cut, please contact us and it'll be handled case by case. If you did not order it right, as long as we can adjust it, we will do it for you at some small cost(usually $39-$79). If it's not adjustable, you'll have the choice to order a new one at the heavily reduced price starting at $129.

Until 06/24/2022, 98% of  our customers are satisfied with our products. We treat every one of you as our life time customer and we won't let you go easily.

Q: How can I make a credit/debit card payment?

A: You can call us or write down your card number and expiration date in your mail  to us.

We also accept credit/debit card payment through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can open one at

If you have a PayPal account, please
(1)log in your PayPal account:
(2)after log in, find "send money" on the top lines of the page and click on it

(3)fill the coming out forms (please put in recipient's email as Your payment will be received in a minute.

Q: I know only a little on the hair color numbers from some other sites. Can you either send me a color chart with the numbers or tell me how I can get one?

A: To match your hair color best, we prefer your natural hair sample (please try to collect as much as possible). You can also choose to mail us your hair swatch from color ring. Please note color sent in by email or photo will probably come out not to your expection and we don't guarantee it.  

Q: Will my hairpiece/toupee be ready to wear?  

A: No. Even we provide cutting service for $30, we strongly recommend your unit cut  when it's on your head. If your barber doesn't know how to cut a hairpiece, ask us for a print out instruction for him/her. 

Q: How do you cut my unit without seeing me?

A: We'll ask your hair length for sides, back and front. If you have an old unit with right hairstyle, we can use it for cutting reference. Basically we recommend that your unit is cut when it's on you head.

Q: How can I attach hairpiece/toupee to my head?

A: There are several ways to make attachments. You can use glue, tape or clip. Double-sided tape is used most. 

Q: How can I take care of my hairpiece/toupee? 

A: (1)use lukewarm water for cleaning 
(2)brush or comb it to the style you want when it is wet, let it dry naturally. 

(3)If using a hairdryer, use low heat (no heat is recommended for synthetic hair).
(4)use mild shampoo (pH=4.5-5.5). De-mineral (or to say soft) water will make the hair smooth and tangle-free.  
(5)use leave-in Conditioner or hair serum to keep the shine but keep conditioner
off the base to avoid knots being softened.

(6)if need more hair care products, please refer to




Customer Feedback
"Last week I received 2 hairpieces from you. One 
was a repair and one was a new piece.  You did an
outstanding job.  I have worn a hairpiece for 30
years and usually purchase between 4 and 8 a year
(because I wear them 24/7).  The quality, timely
manner and courtesy I wa treated with ranks as
the best I have encountered. Thank you."                          
Donald from AZ

"You did a great job with both systems! I really like it.
I will be sending you two more that also need hair added.
I told my sister about your work and she will be contacting
you also. We both have the same hair condition. Thanks so much.Sara"      
Sara from IL

"...WOW!!  I just got my piece today and it is beautiful!  Honestly, I was a little nervous even though I was hoping for the best, and the unit came back better than I could EVER imagine.  Thanks so much! I am so happy I found you guys. "

David from NY


"...I received my unit just as you told me on Friday, 15th, is the best I've ever seen! Please tell your staff that their craftsmanship is second to none! I took my unit to be cut in and the person that specializes with Men's Hair units told me that is also one of the best repair jobs he had seen as well??xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


I want to thank you for helping me keep my hair, I was on the verge of shaving my head because I was no longer able to afford the high price of maintaining my Hair piece. I lost my high paying position due to the tragedy of  9-11 and due to the economy was not able to get that kind of pay, but I'm still looking. In a few weeks I will be sending you my other piece for repair, I will notify you when I send it.

Again thank you so much for your service,"
Bill from NJ
"...The hairpiece fits good on my head and the color is great. The human hair was easy to cut by my stylist and I am very pleased with what she did with it.

If I can send business your way I will.  I am looking forward doing business with you in the future..."

William  from  IN
"I had wanted to write to you so much earlier, but have been so busy here working and all, plus the Holidays being around kept my time taken.....

I wanted to Thank You for the excellent job you did for me with the hair pieces and how satisfied I am with your service and quick response as well as how courteous you are:)


I had the one piece cut in here and it looks really has made a difference in how I look and act again in public and for someone that wears hair as I do, that means the world to me.


I'm hoping this finds you having had a wonderful holiday so far and that you are taking some time yourself to relax and enjoy as well? How is business there for you? If there is ever anything that I can provide on my end for you such as a testimonial or anything...I would be glad to do so at anytime as I find that I will be using your firm or promoting it since the quality of product and services was excellent.

Thank you again Lu as I feel you have helped make a very positive difference in my life!!
Please take care and I hope to hear back from you when you might have a moment on your side....until then, have a Great New Years to you and yours!!!"
Ron from NJ
"I just had the wig cut and shaped, and I have to agree with the hairdresser ( in his words) that, This wig is TOTALLY AWESOME! You did an excellent job!
Please proceed with an Elvis wig. I dont think you could have done any better!"

Kevin from NJ

"I have received the product and very happy with it.  Thank you for your prompt service..."

Demi from Australia

"The hair piece has arrived and looks very good."

 Clive from United Kingdom

"Thak you for shipping out the order on time. I've received it last week, while I was away in a convention. It looks great..."
 Bakul from CA
"... I cannot express enough your proffecionalisom.You really have it all together. I just received my package fed Ex came at 5:o` clock . I am just so pleased, + happy You can expect 100% of my reordering. thank you so much. Merry Christmas. I will be ordering again real  soon!"
 Austin  from CT
"i got the system back and had it cut in, it looks great, and i will be sending you another to work with very soon, thanks again."
 Russell from AZ
"Hello, thanks for filling my order on repair. What a fantastic job! I am so satisfied the way you went out of your way to fix the patched area. I will not only keep giving you my orders but I will tell others too!  MANY THANKS!!!!! "
 Austin from FL
"We tried your work on our customer; we are fully satisfied .
We'll send you another mold with enclose hair sample in these days in order to make another product as the one manufactured?
 We are pleased to collaborate with you..."

 Massimilliano from Italy

"Just wanted you to know how happy I am with my new hair.
It is absolutely perfect!  You did a fabulous job.  Thank you so
 much. I will be ordering a couple more in the next couple of 
weeks. Again, thank you."

                                Deborah from GA

                                                                         GARTH from OR
"...this is probably the best thing ive ever ordered - ill be 
wearing it out saturday which is the true test but I can tell 
its gonna be killer !"
 Sean from AZ
"Received my hairpiece a couple of days ago.  Had it cut-in today and am real pleased. Expect to order another in the near future."
  Sam from FL

"I just received the order today.  It looks very good.  The quality of the hair unit is excellence."

Senn from CA

"I wanted to thank you for providing me a hairpiece that matches my color VERY GOOD. You provide an excellent product for a reasonable price. I have paid a lot more and been quite disappointed in the past.  You can believe me when I say "I will be back for more of your products."
I have suggested to my salon that they consider buying from you and begin retailing hairpieces which they have not done in the past..."

   Sid from WA

"Last week i received my hairpiece today i had it cut and styled  i am happy with the quality and colour,also the service i have had. I would like to place an order made the same but with one alteration being..."
 Dennis from Australia
"I just wanted to let you know I received both my repaired hairpiece and the new unit today.  They look terrific.
 Thanks you so much!"
 Robert  from NJ
"I got the hairpiece, got it cut,  and am wearing it now.  It looks great!  Thanks."

    Anthony from MA