All our custom-made 6" hairpiece sells for $279(up to size 7.5"x9.5"), no matter what kind of base you choose (lace base extra $20). 6" hair full wig (including hairpiece over 7.5"x9.5") sells for $539 (lace base extra $40). For longer hair price, please refer to our price list page. Our products are all hand-tied and made to your specification. We use best quality human or synthetic hair, whatever you like, same price.

Order Help

We hope the following information will help you make your decision when you place an order.

(1) base material

Fine mono with thin skin and 1/4" lace front
All welded monofilament (#0.12 net)
Thin skin with medium scallop front

There are a lot of choices for base materials. We usually use three most popular ones: Fine Mono-filament (FM), Thin Skin and Lace. If you want to stay with your old base, mail us the old unit or sample and we'll base it in your new unit.

FM is a material light, durable and it gives you maximum ventilation.

Skin is made of Polyurethane (PU). It is thin, light and comfortable to wear. It conforms to your head shape very well. Skin is nonporous, we usually punch some small holes on it to make it breathable.

For the lace we have only French lace. It's the least detectable and also the most delicate material. Swiss lace is not available any more due to negative feedback for its delicacy. 

The welded monofilament(#0.12 net), which used to be called New York lace, is not considered lace any more, because our customers think it doesn't feel soft enough. You can still order it by asking for #0.12 net. Please note the extra charge for lace will apply for this material.

(2) frontal hairline

If you are not satisfied with your traditional smooth frontal hairline, you can choose a scallop front (small/medium/large) with thin or super thin skin. If you are a more experienced wearer, try full lace or 2" lace front.  If you are an easy carer but love lace front, try 1/4" lace front. 

(2) human hair or synthetic hair

We use top quality Indian(fine) and Chinese(coarse) human hair. Human hair has the advantage of natural-looking, soft-touching and it can be permed and colored dark.

Regular human hair is processed hair from multiple donors.

Remy hair: processed human hair from single donor(pony tail). Virgin hair: unprocessed Remy human hair(cuticle not stripped) .

Since Remy/Virgin hair is much more expensive than regular hair and it doesn't make that much difference for short hair style, we usually recommend regular hair for hair length not more than 10".

If you want European hair, please check with us before you order. We have very limited quantity, usually hair length not over 10".

As for synthetic hair, we use only top quality Kanekalon fiber. It is made in Japan. Synthetic hair cannot be colored but it can hold its color and wave/curl very well.

For gray or white color, we usually use synthetic hair, because human hair will be very fragile to be processed to this color and can not be permed any more. If you want human or yak white hair, please specify it ($20 extra ).

(3) hair density

In most cases hair density goes with age, the older, the thinner. Also the remaining natural hair density should be considered. When you make a choice, go by the hair near bald area headline plus 20-30% more, since your hairpiece is going to be thinned. If you are ordering full wig, choose the density by your age. Look at the people your age and choose the most natural-looking density you think.

We usually recommend 120%(20 years old),100%(30),80%(40),60%(60). If you cannot make a decision, write down your age or send us a picture and we will decide it for you.

For female wearers, we recommend you to order higher density, usually no less than 80%.

(4) base size

How to make a template:  cover bald area tightly with a big piece of clear plastic wrap and tie a knot under your chin, lock the shape by applying one layer of tape, outline the bald area with marker, apply 2 more layers of tape for re-enforcement and trim the marked area; mark down front/back, part/crown and hair direction on your template. Front hairline should begin 4 fingers above eyebrows. After you finish, re-apply the template to your head to make sure it fits.

(5) hair curl/wave: 

tight afro curl (kinky curl)
medium curl 12mm
medium light wave 25mm
light wave 28mm
medium slight wave 30mm
slight wave 32mm
slight wave 32mm
body wave 40mm
straight hair
The above pictures give you a rough idea about the curl/wave. Unless you know your hair texture very well, we recommend you to provide us a picture taken from your side or back so we can tell the wave from it.

Please note we do not guarantee the wave/curl will come out 100% matching your natural hair because human hair responds differently to chemical even we use exactly the same perming procedure each time. Also there's $20 extra charge for strong wave or tighter, 18mm or less.

For some light color hair, we will not add any curl/wave if we think our  liquid (usually very strong) for hair perm may cause damage to the hair.

The number is the diameter of a natural circle you hair forms, if the hair is long enough. You can also ask your barber the rod color she/he uses when your hair is permed.
q     Tight Afro curl 2-5mm  (kinky curl)   
q      Loose Afro curl 6-8mm                      
q     Tight curl 10mm  (yellow rod)      
q     Medium curl 12mm  (blue rod)                          
q      Loose curl 15mm  (pink rod)      
q     Strong wave 18mm  (grey rod)      
q     Medium wave 22mm  (white rod)  
q     Medium light wave 25mm  (purple rod)                          
q     Light wave 28mm  (orange rod)
q     Slight wave 32mm (brown rod)
q     Body wave 40mm (no perm)
q       Straight
q     Kinky straight (Afro straight)