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Please send your order, sample/template/used hairpiece/wig and payment (payable to AH Group, Inc.)

 to AH group, Inc. 3357 13th Street, Astoria, NY 11106.

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Shipping address(must be the same as billing address if paying by credit card):


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(A). For repairing service: the base must be in good shape and free of glue/tape residue. Write down what hair density you want it to achieve, otherwise we will choose a density by our experience. If re-vented hair is longer than 6", please refer to price list page for cost. We may not repair some hairpieces when we think the bases or old hair is too delicate, or more than 40% hair needs to be added. New added hair will be in same length, so your repaired unit is not ready to wear.

(B). For new hairpiece/toupee/wig: you can choose your way to describe what you want. You can send us your used piece for duplication, or print the following form and fill it out. If you do not have a printer, write down the information we need on a piece of paper. If you have any questions when filling the form, refer to page Products & Order Help.

Base material

q Monofilament + thin skin perimeter

q Monofilament + thin skin sides & back + lace front

q Monofilament + thin skin perimeter + lace front

q Thin skin

q Super thin skin (delicate)

q Lace + thin skin sides & back

q Other, please specify ______________

All orders for Swiss lace will be substituted with French lace.

Frontal hairline

For thin/super thin skin front

q Traditional smooth front

q Scallop front: small______ medium______ large______

For lace front: q2" lace q1/4" lace qother_______

Bleach lace front knots: q yes q no

Base size

q Go-by-my-template or

For hairpiece/toupee

q 7.5"x9.5"

q 7"x9"

q 6"x8"

q Other, please specify ____________________

For full wig

q Hairline circumference _______ inch

q Front to back ______ inch

(begin 3-4 fingers above eyebrows)

q Ear to ear above top______inch

q Other, please specify ___________

Base color

q Flesh  Light tan  Tan  Yellow tan  Black

q Other, please specify ____________________

Hair type

q Fine Human hair _____ % + Grey hair____%

q Thick Human hair _____ % + Grey hair____%

q Synthetic hair _____ % + Grey hair____%

q Remy hair _____ % (fine or thick?)+ Grey hair____%

q Virgin hair _____ %(fine or thick?) + Grey hair____%

q Other, please specify ________

Hair style

q Left part  Right part  Center part  Left crown

q Right crown  Center crown free style  Straight back

q Other, please specify ____________________

Hair density

q Thin 60%

q Medium thin 80 %

q Medium 100%

q Medium heavy 120 %

q Heavy 150% (we do not guarantee your satisfaction for this density, which means your request for more hair adding will usually be declined or incur surcharge if you feel your hair density is not heavy enough.) 

q Other, please specify ____________________

Hair length

q 4"  6"  10"  14"

q Other, please specify ____________________

Hair color

q Color ring # ____________ or

q Go-by-my-sample taped below:

sides _____ back _____ top _____ front _____

q Other, please specify ____________________

Hair curl / Wave

q Tight Afro curl 2-5mm (kinky curl)

q Loose Afro curl 6-8mm

q Tight curl 10mm (yellow rod)

q Medium curl 12mm (blue rod)

q Loose curl 15mm (pink rod)

q Strong wave 18mm (grey rod)

q Medium wave 22mm (white rod)

q medium light wave 25mm (purple rod)

q Light wave 28mm (orange rod)

q Slight wave 32mm (brown rod)

q Body wave 40mm (no perm)

q Straight 

 q Kinky straight (Afro straight)

For some light color hair, we will not add any curl/wave considering the strength of our liquid (usually very strong) for hair perm.

Please note we do not guarantee the wave will come out 100% matching your natural hair because human hair responds differently to chemical even we use exactly the same perming procedure each time.

If sample/template is included, keep it on file? yes ____ no ____

Special request:





All payment must be in US dollars and must be received before order processing. We accept cashier check, money order, personal or corporate check.  We also accept credit card by phone or credit/debit card through PayPal at payment@custom-toupee.com.

For international orders, we accept credit/debit card through PayPal , wire transferring and money order or cashier check(must be in US dollars). Personal check is not accepted.

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