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contour strips in size 3/4"x3"
7 shapes: A, AA, B, BB, CC, C, straight (from left to right).
Shapes A and AA are used most at front.
1/2"x3" and 1"x3" are also available for straight strips.

$3.32/pk, 36pcs per pack. 

*Clear #1522 
most popular daily wear tape, hypoallergenic.

*Super Stick
high initial tack, great alternative for extended wear.

$3.68/pk, 36pcs each pack.

*German Brown Liner Cloth (cream color adhesive)

*Sensi-Tack (Red liner, low residue, easy clean up)

$8.56/pk, 36pcs each pack.

*"This Side to Base" Tape
*Lace Front Support Tape (Blue Liner)

$10.92/pk, 36pcs each pack.
*Lace Front Thin Tape (Thin 3 mil)

Also available $8.88/pk
*No Shine tape
*Ultra hold tape

$10.78/bag of 72 tabs 
Ultra-hold mini

tapes in other sizes

"EXTENDA-BOND" TAPE (Holds up to 6 weeks)
$2.48 per individual long strip 1 1/2"x12"
$9.34 per bag Mini Strips w/Holes 3/4"x1 1/2", 42pcs/bag (white Liner), 36pcs/bag (blue liner)
$147.20 per box of strips (100 strips/box)

5" Super Wide Contours in shapes A, CC, C (from top to bottom)
$4.96/bag, 24pcs/bag, Sensi-Tak (Red Liner)
$19.90/bag, 24pcs/bag, Lace Front Support Tape (Blue)
$16.74/bag, 24pcs/bag, DUO-TAC Tape

Rolls (also available in width 1/4",1/2",1", 1 1/2" with length 108",12yds and 36yds)

*Clear #1522, Super Stick
$2.98/roll, 3/4"x108"
$9.74/roll, 3/4"x12yds
$23.62/roll, 3/4"x36yds

*German Brown Liner Cloth, Sensi-Tak (Red Liner)
$3.46/roll, 3/4"x108"
$11.38/roll, 3/4"x12yds
$27.42/roll, 3/4"x36yds

*Lace Front Support Tape-Blue Liner
$8.46/roll, 3/4"x108"
$26.88/roll, 3/4"x12yds
$69.12/roll, 3/4"x36yds

*Ultra hold tape, Pro-Flex II or NO-SHINE tape
$5.52/roll, 3/4"x108"
$27.74/roll, 3/4"x12yds
$71.00/roll, 3/4"x36yds

Adhesive & Solvent
LIQUI-TAPE (hold 1-7 days)

*waterproof  *silicone
A silicon bonding adhesive that remains flexible with excellent holding power to skin and all hair systems. From left to right
$12.92, brush-on 0.5oz
$24.08, brush-on 1.4oz
$24.64, dab-on 1.4oz
also available $60.66, brush-on 3.4oz

MITY-TITE (hold 1-7 days)

*water proof  *acrylic 
This is our most popular Daily Wear liquid adhesive. It's acrylic based which means it will stay waterproof so you can swim, shower, etc. without worry of it letting go. It dries clear and holds tite! From left to right
$46.78, brush-0n 3.4oz
$19.56, dab-on 1.4oz
$18.98, brush-on 1.4oz
$11.06, brush-on 0.5oz

Ultra Hold  (hold 2-4 weeks)
This adhesive is the leading standard for soft bonds on the market. It dries clear and stays strong.

$12.12 for brush-on 1/2oz
$20.88 (Acrylic) brush-on 1.4oz
$49.96 (Acrylic, left picture) brush-on 3.4oz

Safe Grip  (hold 1-2 weeks)
*water-based  *dries clear  *waterproof  *copolymer
This is our most popular Extended Wear hold. It's non-stringy, low odor and bacteria resistant to keep things fresh longer.

$50.08, 3.4oz
$20.92, 1.4oz

Lace Release Solvent
reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair system. Used properly, most of the adhesive residue will remain on the client's scalp, not on the hair system. Lace Release is non-oily!
$5.52, dab-on 1.4oz
$13.04, spay 4oz 

C-22 Citrus-based Solvent
A fast-acting cleaner for scalp and all hair systems! Having tested many citrus solvents, we have found our C-22 remover to work faster and more effectively than those tested. Gentle on skin and rinses off with soap and water.
$7.40, spay 4oz
$23.60, spay 12oz

WALKER  SOLVENT (tape remover)low cost solvent for removing all types of tape and soft-bond adhesives. Pleasant fragrance.
$5.40, 4oz

Also available RAPID RELEASE (fast-ating clear citrus-based adhesive remover), works well on most types of adhesive and hair system. Not for use on scalp. Non-oily formula and pleasantly scented. Rinses off with soap and water.
$17.70, 12oz


A great product for protecting sensitive skin----forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent irritation from adhesives and tapes. Also improves adhesion for following conditions: hot and humid weather, oily skin, sports, etc.
$7.12, dab-on 1.4oz
$10.46, spray 2oz

Brushes for glue applying (small 3.25" or large 6" long, sponge ones 5")

$9.00 per dozen

Also available

Walker's Leave-in Conditioner for human hair
Moisturizes, detangles, and stays color safe.
$12.94  4oz

Just-Rite Positioning Spray
spray on adhesive area before placing, so you can move into position or move the unit around without losing the bond
$13.04 4oz

Permanent Attachment Tape (P.A.T. Tape)
designed specifically for permanent attachment method. One side has adhesive and attaches to base. The other side (no adhesive) goes to head. Most cynoacrylates bond permanently to the non-adhesive side. At re-attachment time, the tape can be removed quickly and cleanly from the base. Works well with our "Top Priority Bond".
$54.00 per roll, 3/4"x18yds